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Short-term Exchange Programs at Kanazawa University (2024-2025) (KUEP)

Term6 months or 1 year from April or October 2024
EligibilityExchange Students from Partner Universities
Maximum EnrollmentNo limit *See the guidelines for details
OverviewThese programs are designed for students enrolled at institutions that have an exchange agreement with Kanazawa University who intend to study at Kanazawa University for a period of not less than six months to not more than one year. While remaining enrolled at their home institutions, such students may study in a non-degree program at Kanazawa University for the purposes of experiencing a foreign culture, learning practical Japanese, taking credited classes, or participating in independent research under the guidance of a supervisor.

Japanese Language & Culture Program

Term1year (starting) from October
EligibilityExchange Students from Partner Universities or Students hold Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship via Embassy Recommendation
Maximum EnrollmentAround 10 students
OverviewProvide students an opportunity to improve their proficiency and to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society in the Japanese language.

Intensive Japanese Language Program

Term6 months(1term) from April or October
EligibilityGraduate Level Students (Research students or teacher trainee students) who are recipients of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship and also have permission to enroll in this course from their academic advisor.
Maximum EnrollmentNone
OverviewOffers an intensive Japanese-language course to Japanese government scholarship holders

Kanazawa University Online Training Program for Japanese Language Teachers 2021

TermNovember 20, 2021 - February 20, 2022
EligibilityStudents or faculty members enrolled at universities that have inter-university agreements with Kanazawa University. (Refer )
Maximum EnrollmentCourse 1: about 50 students, Course 2: about 30 students
OverviewOffer an online program for teachers engaged in Japanese language education outside Japan.

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