At the School of International Education, we provide advice and counseling for international students studying at Kanazawa University to not only help them pursue their studies, but be able to led a richly rewarding life in Japan as they study.

  • Counseling for general lifestyle issues for international students
    1. Problems related to study
    2. Problems related to adapting to life in Japan
    3. Financial problems
    4. Physical and psychological problems
    5. Other problems
  • Advice for faculty members who teach international students
    1. Problems related to the international student’s studies and life
    2. Consultation for academic advisors
    3. Advising for tutors and other peoplesharing a department room with a foreign student *To get more information about tutor,
  • Cooperation with other areas of the university and construction of a network

Contacts for Consultation

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Associate Prof. Minami (For all international students) Phone: (076)264-5781 Email:

Associate Prof. Kishida (College of Science and Engineering) Phone/FAX: (076)234-4936 Email:

Associate Prof. Pozar (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology) Phone: (076)234-5631 Email:

Ms. Miyazaki (Human and Social Sciences) Phone: (076)264-5442 Email:

Assistant Prof. Xue (Organization of Global Affairs) Phone: (076)264-5130 Email:

International Student Section (Tutor) Phone: (076)264-5193 <平日9:00~17:00> Email:

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