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Integrated Japanese Language Program

What is the Integrated Japanese Language Program ?

The Integrated Japanese Language Program (IJLP) is a Japanese language program for all international students studying at Kanazawa University.

The IJLP started in the autumn semester of 1998. We offer supplementary Japanese classes to our undergraduate and graduate students and students in our Japanese Language & Culture Program, part of the ISC, and this program was designed as a Japanese language course to allow students taking the supplementary Japanese classes to study along with students on the Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program (KUSEP), which started at the same time.

The aim of the IJLP is to improve students’ Japanese language ability and help them fit into the university and life in Japan. Students can reach a level of language ability sufficient to be able to understand lectures and seminars, and to be able to carry out their study and research in Japanese. By learning the language, students can also gain the knowledge necessary to be able to understand Japanese culture and society.

Eligible students

Any international student enrolled at Kanazawa University whose native language is not Japanese and who falls into one of the following categories may register for IJLP classes:

1. Regular students (undergraduate, graduate)

2. Specially registered students affiliated with the organization of global affairs

・Intensive Japanese Language Program students

・Japanese Language & Culture Program students

・KUEP (Science and Engineering Sciences/Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences) students

3. Specially registered students and credited auditors affiliated with a department

・KUEP (Human and Social Sciences) students

・Students belonging to the study-abroad program other than those above

However, if there are enough open places, other non-students may also enroll, in the following order of priority.

4. Research students

5. Visiting foreigner researchers at Kanazawa University

6. Foreign faculty at Kanazawa University

7. Those whom the IJLP program coordinator has approved


This program consists of comprehensive classes, kanji classes and skill-specific classes. Students can select the appropriate level to fit their needs in each area.

  • Comprehensive classes: Seven different levels, from zero (never studied Japanese before) to advanced. Learn Japanese comprehensively in a class that matches your own level.
  • Kanji classes: Divided into difficulty levels, students learn how to read and write kanji, and how to use kanji vocabulary.
  • Skill-specific classes: A range of classes for the four different skills of “talking,” “listening,” “writing,” and “reading.” Students can choose the class that best suits their learning goals and level.


Application Procedure

Please register online through the “Student Information Service” in the Acanthus Portal.

Registration for classes occurs four times a year.
First quarter: End of March to early April
Second quarter: Early to the middle of June
Third quarter: End of September to early October
Fourth quarter: Early to the middle of December

* If you are taking the IJLP for the first time, you will need to take the orientation and placement test given at the start of the semester. For details about the orientation and placement test, see the following page.

Program Information Brochures

Question? Contact us

About course details or Japanese language study in general; IJLP program coordinator
Others; International Student Division of the Organization of Global Affairs

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