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About IJLP Japanese Language Course in 2020 spring semester [updated, April 15]


Japanese Language Courses will be start on April 20.

All of the courses in IJLP will be conducted online through the “e-IJLP” (LMS, Leaning Management System.) due to COVID-19. (There is no face-to-face class for the time being).

Course Registration

Students should register for classes through the Acanthus Portal (Student Information Service) before the first lesson.

Class details, such as requirements and the maximum number of students, are written in the syllabi. Please make sure to read the syllabi before registering for classes.

For more information on the online registration process, timetable and LMS, please refer to the IJLP website.

Registration period has been changed as follows.

Undergraduate Students:   From April 20 (Mon.) 7:00 to May 6 (Wed.) 23:59
Graduate Students:            From April 20 (Mon.) 7:00 to May 6 (Wed.) 23:59
Specially registered School of International Education* :    From April 14 (Tue.) 7:00 to May 6 (Wed.) 23:59 *KUSEP, NIKKEN, KUEST, KUEP- Science and Engineering Sciences, KUEP- Medical Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Intensive Japanese Language Program

【Notes】If you have questions about the registration period or problems using the Acanthus Portal to register for classes, please consult the Student Affairs section of your department of study. → Inquiry to the department of study (Japanese only)

How to attend the first lesson of each class

After you have registered for classes, you can access to the course of each class on LMS(e-IJLP).

All the international student who wish to register for Japanese language classes(including the students who are overseas) must attend the first lesson on “e-IJLP”.

※ If you miss the first lesson, you may not be able to take the class of your choosing.

How to access “e-IJLP”(LMS)

Please make sure to read the following pages before you attend the first lesson.

  1. How to Use e-IJLP (manual for students)

 You can  access “e-IJLP” by clicking the following icon. (Kanazawa Univesity ID is required)

  2. How to study on LMS (After logging in, please look at the upper left box of the page. There is the link for this page )

If you will be taking the Japanese language courses for the first time, you must take the orientation and placement test through the online system. For more details, please refer to this page.

【Note】Students who didn’t take orientation & placement test CANNOT take Japanese language courses in this semester.

We also post the latest information about IJLP on IJLP Official Twitter 

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