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Guidelines for tutors

Manual for tutors

This manual is written for students who tutor international students.
The content covers “What is Tutoring About,” “What Tutors Need to Know,” and “Common Issues happened between tutors and International Students” and it contains all the formats you need to submit.
All tutors and international students’ academic advisors are required to read this manual.
The manual will be updated every semester. So please use the latest version.

Please refer to also the Website “International Sutudent Supprt” when you support as a tutor. This website contains important information for international students and is updated regularly.


When you are told to be assigned as a tutor by an international student’s academic advisor, be sure to confirm an international student’s contact address.

International Student Section will inform all tutors about the important information of tutor’s duties by e-mail (Japanese only). All tutors must register the following e-mail address with your email address book.
International Student Section, Kanazawa University: ryukou@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

Tutors are assigned every semester. If you will continue the same international student’s tutor from the first semester to second semester, please inquire an international student’s affiliated student section about the necessary procedures.

Tutor Orientation

Tutor orientation(s) for the 1st semester of 2024 will be conducted online. Tutors will be notified by email on how to participate.

Required documents

All information of required documents is provided within the tutor manual (Japanese only). If you do not understand how to write or what you need to do, please contact International Student Section (ryukou@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp).

International Student Section【3F @ Administration Build.】

Documents How to & Notes Due date Submit to
1 Tutor Planning Sheet

Make your Tutor Planning Sheet through Tutor Webpage of the Student Information Service.

Remember to the approval from the international student’s academic advisor and get his/her hanko before the submission of the copy document.

May 10
the Student Information Service
2 Tutor Activity Report Report your tutor activity through Tutor Webpage of the Student Information Service.

Remember to the approval from the international student after the submission of tutor report.

Within 1 week after the activity the Student Information Service
3 Tutor Final Report

Submit it to the International Student Section directly after the semester ends.

Refer to Tutor Manual about the submission of Final Report.

Oct 4
 the Student Information Service
4 Bank Account Form * Only those who have not sign up a bank account at KU, or who wish to change the bank account or the address need to submit this form.

Oct 4
International Student Section【3F @ Administration Build.】

* If you can’t submit your Tutor Final Report by the due date, please tell the International Student section about the reason and the prospective submission date by email.
・Students (Tutor) those who belong to Takara-machi or Tsuruma campus can submit the Tutor Final Report to the International Student Section through the student affairs section of yours.

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