A Message from the Director

Kanazawa University upholds the charter to be “a research university dedicated to education, while opening up its doors to both local and global society” and promotes the university-wide effort for internationalization. The KU Organization of Global Affairs was established in April 2012 to push forward the university’s internationalization. We have dramatically accelerated the internationalization through formulation and implementation of the university-wide global strategy, and the university has been selected for the Top Global University Project (2014), the Inter-University Exchange Project and the World Premier International Research Center Initiative or WPI (both in 2017).

Although the trends of the time has changed greatly since our establishment, we consider ourselves as the core office for the university’s internationalization. We will heed advice from inside and outside the university to make progress (both during and after the corona-virus pandemic) toward greater internationalization of our research and education, building international networks, expanding bilateral international exchanges, providing an environment where the people from all parts of the world work together in excellence, and more. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.










Director               Kanazawa University        Organization of Global Affairs      Megumi SHIMURA

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