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IJLP 2020 Autumn Orientation & Placement Test

If you will be taking the Japanese language courses for the first time, you must take the orientation and placement test through the online system.

【Note】Students who didn’t take orientation & placement test CAN NOT take Japanese language courses in this semester.

You CAN NOT attend Japanese language courses without the registration for classes. 

Procedure for taking Japanese language courses

  The steps for participating in Japanese language courses are presented here.

  1. Orientation
  2. New-User Registration
  3. Placement Test
  4. Result Notification
  5. Class Registration
  6. Level-Check Test
  7. Registration Finalized

1. Orientation

If you wish to take Japanese language classes, please view the following slideshow presentation and pay attention to the following information.

2. New-User Registration

Here is an explanation of the registration process for students who are studying in the IJLP for the first time.

When you click on the icon below, you will be redirected to the IJLP course enrollment system.


3. Placement Test

After you have finished new-user registration, you must take the placement test during the test period.

from September 16, 0:00 AM(JST) to September 22, 23:59 PM(JST)  ← Closed

Additional placement test will be given to those who have missed the placement above due a valid reason.

from September 27, 0:00 AM(JST) to October 3, 23:59 PM(JST)← Closed

Before logging in, please view the following slides with important information about taking the placement test.

4. Notification of Placement Test Results

After taking the placement test, please check your results. Results will be given using your registration number. The test results will be posted on this page.

 The test results (Updated on October 4, 12:00 JST)


5. Class Registration (Temporary)

When you know your assigned level, please choose your classes by looking at the timetable and syllabi. Please register for these classes through the Acanthus Portal by the day before the first lesson of each class.

【Note】There are some classes that have a maximum number of students. The students who may take these classes will be decided during the first lesson. Please make sure to attend the first lesson of each class.

※ The students who have not received the results of the additional placement test should register for classes after you have checked your results on October 4. After registration for classes, please access the LMS course and start to study.

6. Level-Check Test

When the semester starts, please attend the first lesson of each class that you have registered for. 


・In some of the skill-specific classes, level-check tests are not performed. Instead, please follow the directions and guidance of the instructors.

7. Class Registration (Final)

If you have received permission from the instructor to take a particular class, you can finalize your registration for it.

You will be informed by the instructor whether or not you may take a particular class before the second lesson. Please use the Acanthus Portal to check for messages.

      How to check Acanthus Portal messages

(To access the following page, you need your Kanazawa University ID. To logging in, please click “Shibboleth Login” on the top page)

【Note】If you haven’t properly registered for a class, you will not be able to receive messages from the instructor.

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